How it all began...

This story begins the day that a dream was born in the hearts of two sisters.

Reading the chapters before, no one would predict that things would unfold the way they did. Inês first graduated in engineering, and Rita was a pharmacist that ended up studying management & finance.

As good daughters they always were, the sisters returned home after all: they joined the family business, a construction company.

 The office launched Rita to the world. She started spending a lot of time traveling. Inês also joined the ride, and flew to São Paulo (Brazil), where she lived for 8 years.

The diversity was immense, the aesthetic beauty unparalleled, the shapes exuberant and the colours very unusual.

SPRY was born out of these exotic influences once they moved back. A dream created 100% in Portugal, with a catalog focused on women's activewear. Its main purpose is to make women feel beautiful in their own body, while dressing it with comfort and confidence. More than said, these values were put into practice. Because they feel them on their skin, SPRY customers are the brand greatest ambassadors.

Today, both Rita and Inês can state that they love what they do. Every day is an adventure. But embracing challenges and overcoming them, is also a part of their DNA. For the future, the two sisters dream of expanding horizons and taking SPRY beyond borders. With a pulsating rhythm and an elastic creativity, the two make the brand available for everyone through the online store and partner points of sale (dedicated to well-being and or providing Yoga and mindfulness retreats). 

Wherever they are found, the brand's products are made of a firm fabric: every piece preserves its pure essence. The label itself, indicates its composition: 100% comfort; 100% perseverance; 100% self-esteem.

Although much has been done so far, this may be just the beginning of the story.

We believe in...

We believe that to live comfortable is to live happily.

We believe that health and well-being starts with us.

We believe in strongconfident women’s full of energy.

We believe in diversity, each woman has her own way of being and living.

We believe that there are more surprises in a regular day than in a fictional story.

We believe that happiness can be achieved!


We stand for...

SPRY stands for active, agile, energetic, brisk.

And that’s exactly what we want to be.

Our collections are small and exclusive.

In order to be agile, we prefer quality over quantity.

Our clothes are meant to fit you perfectly and last longer.

We don´t make seasonal collections.

But we guarantee you, that when we design a piece, we put all our love in it.

We have thought in every single detail about that item.

Love is in the details.

Our textiles are...

As mothers, we also think about the future we are leaving for our children,

so all our suppliers have GOTS Certification, which stands for

Global Organic Textile Standard, that means:

that our textiles contain a minimum quantity of organic fibres,

are processed with the least possible environmental impact,

under strict controls on natural and synthetic chemical inputs and

with respect for labour conditions.

(ps: We always do our best to offer you the best of Portugal quality sustainable materials)

What the media are saying about us...